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img627Perhaps not the immaculate copy of the book The Varieties of History by Fritz Stern would like to have, but the bottom left still shows the Lustig signature.

We have covered Alvin Lustig in other posts. I have acquired this paperback book, just recently. I found the book interesting not only for the graphic design quality that shows a lot of understatement in the use of color, with a faint yellow and various shades of black and white, but also for the topic covered.

img682The chapter by Jacques Barzun should be very interesting. He was one of the most illuminating history writers of the 20th Century, unfortunately he is no longer with us .img628 Fritz Stern’s thirty two page introduction reads: “this is a book by historians about history, personal reflections on an ancient but ever varying discipline.” So let us have a look at the content index below. This should make for an interesting read, in my opinion.


img629img630Much more interesting information on the graphic work by Alvin Lustig can be found at this link.