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gentlemansviewpointafghan textClipboardxxxAll the epochs of the past are only part views in an interminable procession, but an unapparent future has arrived.

Once again, a few “modern” men have decided what is best for those who live in the valleys below, changing the old ways, hoping to control an unknown future, foolish aspirations born in the culprit minds of four star generals and the planners of contemporary communal resource racketeering, in the name of future profits for the fortunate few.

Yet the Moon comes up and the Moon goes down and the wheel of the invented new time creaks slowly forward, unburdened by the lack of spiritual sense in an ever more, so called, connected world. Thus, we can clearly see how the roles of nations in history have changed from independence and state or nationhood into a fragmented or balkanized world, where the traditional roles have been broken down with machiavellian rule to accept a world statehood from the top down, not the bottom up, as in traditional democracy.

And so, the once leader of the free world, the United States of America has been delegated to the role of the drone policeman in support of the Chinese bankers, who finance infrastructure in Africa and America with earned dollars, selling trinkets to dumbed down Americans who want to pay less, and have more, and let their representatives eat away at the banquet of God given rights, earned with the blood of those who came before them and their children’s blood milked, for the common good under the hope and change manifest portrayed like the new “ten commandments” by the same representatives who squandered your rights in the first place.

Why now and why here?

The answer is simple, if hard to believe. Every so called industrial nation in the last 150 years, has either instigated world wars for material gains, had revolutions within their own borders, had their borders changed, has been a melting pot of an imposed multiculturalism changing their historic course.

The United States was the only TRUE melting pot based on the creation of an all encompassing American Dream. In America, each and every individual could choose to shape and partake in this Dream! Those entities who want to break the Nation, have to destroy the ideal of the American Dream. Hence, these entities want unchecked immigration, destruction of Faith, family values, pride of earned ownership and pride of citizenship. Once destroyed, you will have enclaves of Balkan like places with common ideas, beliefs, ancestries (like the Black inner city) or the FALSE belief that the good comes from the TOP – DOWN. Destruction of family value will happen through the destruction of MANHOOD, so there are no more existing examples or symbols, other than those that HOLLYWOOD and the MEDIA create.

Look at the old Empire Builder The United Kingdom, now in shambles dragging down Ireland with them. Is it a coincidence that the largest Mosque in Europe was built in Rome, Italy, one to the Birthplaces of Christianity? The European Union having overextended themselves being dragged down by false hopes and change for their tribes living on the Southern rim. The only place where there has been no negative changes for 150 years other than economic depressions has been in the United States, excelling in their prime role of world leadership. The economic “new” leadership has decided to undermine this traditional role. The Chinese must offer their labor and cheap money. The European Union must offer excellence in engineering and new energy resources and perfecting the extraction of the energies.

This is the reason for the Russian/German South Stream pipeline and a 2 billion dollar investment in Gas and Oil pipelines in Libya in the last few years by the world’s largest Chemical company, the German BASF Company and their subsidiaries worldwide. The reason there is no Keystone pipeline lies in the fact that America must not be energy independent at all costs. It would upset the global energy cards and return America to its former dominant world position and continuous role of World Leadership.

In the eyes of the “enemy within“, they must not allow this role to be assumed again by America in a globalized world. They want America to be subservient to world leadership by the United Nations. Their way to achieve this by the UN is from the bottom up and the top down. Bottom up in this case is by taking away our Second Amendment Rights (the United Nations Small Arms Treaty). Top down in this case meaning continued dependence on Middle East Oil and spending of American tax dollars on subsidized FALSE “new energy” sources, like, solar energy, wind power, etc. that can not replace our current energy sources. There by, America will be spent into OBLIVION and the law makers will have fallen into this TRAP, by a continued devaluation of our currency, the printing of FIAT money by the FED, that will lead to food shortage because of the creation of FAKE FUEL meaning less food purposed land.

And so, we go on investing in military technology (that is our nation’s role) forget about factories and earned tax income in a land where one of the largest defense contractors General Electric pays no tax! The wheel of history turns slowly demolishing conventions, habits, tribal ways, religions (those bastions of belief in a higher ideal) substituting the profane for the sacred (abortion versus life). The “new religion” is tax free to those who actually supply it, the higher educational system where experimenting is allowed and theories can be formulated not on facts but on beliefs and no one is held accountable! To purchase this “prize” students and parents are paying higher prices for this education, all the while believing in the myth that they can become part of an “elite“.

According to this “enemy within“, the “fair share economists and Communist One Party leaders, Democrats and Republicans combined“, want the United States to continue it’s role as supporter of murderous regimes in the Middle East and Africa by the use of air power or drone strikes at the beck and call of the EU and Russia or the Chinese or under the guise of the corrupt United Nations in a subservient political role. For them to succeed, it is essential that the American Citizens give up their Second Amendment Rights: The Right to Bear Arms.

So, when the time comes you will have nothing to say and no way of defending yourselves from the imposed revolution by “imported men who appear from nowhere” to lead you down the slopes of the dictatorship of the military industrial complex. No arms, No defense against tyranny. All nations that have been through revolutions understood this and there was no armed citizenship in either Russia or Germany and others in the 20th Century. Consequently, their citizens and their conquered nations’ citizens became but gulag bound pawns. Nations in today’s civilized world will no longer be conquered with arms but by culture, trinkets, dependence on government or other so-called imposed “needs”. Freedom will be lost in one generation, are you willing to be the last?

Sun is up in Afghanistan.