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The above is a rather late Art Deco style influenced advertisement on a back cover to an art magazine, and so, is the following ad by the same company in a totally different style. So far, no coordinated graphic approach seen here. Of course, we are talking about the late 1920’s.


img659Not so different in 1929 from the bland ads that are run today!


img661This ad has the feel of scholarship to it, but is a bit overcrowded perhaps.

There is some interesting information here for those interested in the work by typographer Stanley Morison with no less than two book titles available from the Pegasus Press.

With tongue in cheek, I actually like the following ad the best. If you would start looking for an ad like this, you would probably never ever find one, not in your wildest (yes) dreams. It looks like something out of the Kinsey Reports for those old enough to remember. Who knows how many copies of this book were printed at the onset of the Great Depression? How many marriages were saved by couples reading this book? Great material here, I think for the social engineers of today!