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gentlemansviewpointHalf of the world thinks we have gone MAD, the other half of the world knows we have gone MAD. The sequestrated blubber is boiling over and the Mayan Calendar was wrong! Gullible Americans are believing what their government is telling them. So what else is new?

While I am writing this post, the talk show radio hosts are fighting to be on first base in the major markets. No one listens to the Oracle anymore. Rush Limbaugh keeps his hammer down and Woodward got scared. An Hegelian Hagel got confirmed after spouting the Iranian Government means well in the past, and the Jewish lobby controls the world, if you still believe that the US Congress is in charge of anything. Even Libertarian Rino Rand Paul caved in under duress.

What will the Sages tell us? The book Man and His Universe by Zdenek Kopal.

img515 img516 I looked at my desktop this morning. It has been politically abused for some time and decided to join the flock, any flock, all flocks. Half a continent seems to sink into incontinence and the rest of the world sees time ticking from 9 to 5.

goetheOf course by now, manipulated cultured space is slowly descending upon us. I wonder if Goethe would want any of the Doctrine d’Obama. I think about relocation, like moving here. Yes at that far mountain top, the white one.

I realize that the path to a clear view mountain top is harder to climb than I previously thought, so I am taking a look at how mankind got there this Friday.

swit montblancJust as I am slowly advancing to the place where sanity is a God given right, I found an almost mint copy of this new age “bible” to the right, miraculously sticking out of the snow. the book Mankind at the Turning Point the Second Report to the Club of Rome by Mihajlo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel.img603In order to figure out if I had to go right or left of center or straight up the ladder for a real good view, I read the back cover obviously written by experts who had been there previously.img604When I read an economist promised in his opinion “An enormous step forward in our understanding of the essence of the worst bottlenecks our world is facing”, then I knew I had to face the wrapper music, turn back and surrender to government subsidized sequestrated sexy speak, get a Phd in this new language, turn in any guns, brush my teeth, drink more kool aid in smaller Bloomberg approved non- styrofoam cups, start my hybrid at least once a week to safely get the milk at the grocery store, turn off Glenn Beck immediately, and forget about listening to rebel Michael Savage, turn over any 401K’s to Union “popes” in order to make sure they get their fair share, now that the real one is gone.

Putin bought a mountain of gold, so the kool aid speak spread to the Russians as well. Uncle Farakhan promises hell to all white men telling gang bangers in Chicago to turn themselves into an army to defend their rights. John Kerry, mon cher, tastes cherries and champagne in France, while lurking over a map to figure out how to avoid Benghazi. Obama comes back home after golfing with a self-professed cured sex maniac and the press moans about not getting any pictures. Snow is melting in different parts of the country.

Welcome to spring fever everyone!