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gentlemansviewpointReading the National Review Magazine (USA) issue of March 11, 2013 on page 12, I almost got an hiccup over a small story published underneath a portrait of the Right Honorable Mr. David Cameron, MP and Great Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister. The story does not relate to Mr. David Cameron the leader of the Conservative Party but it could have.

img797The story is about a place called Sandhurst or also known to Yanks as the Royal Military Academy that trains the renowned British Officer Corps, or in simple layman’s terms the British West Point! (Photo below Wikipedia-WyrdLight.com)

wyrdlight.comThis venerable institution recently accepted a donation from Bahrain’s King Hamad of 3 million pounds to restore a somewhat destitute Hall on the property to new life. Here is where the saga begins.

img790Granted those Brits have tried hard to Piers Morganize the new lands across the ocean, but do you think dear reader these Britons care if we write this horrific story of green backs (new world monies) that do not smell, even when you know where the loot comes from.

We all know I hope, that this old world country full of Jaquars, Mini Coopers (how sweet is revenge) and decrepit TVR’s (I know, having owned 3 of them) is still ruled by a much loved Queen Mother and sooner we hope than later, a Young Harry will be on the throne and save a few pounds of his allowance. Hopefully, he  learned how to do this by now. We know that bravery includes having slept in a barracks in Afghanistan being indoctrinated into the Art of War.  Don’t you think that the Crown, as they so lovingly say, could have donated the money to restore that Hall? Give that honor at least to the family-architect in spe Prince Charles. After all, was it not the Crown’s loyal subjects who died in a now forgotten war on the other side of the English Channel in an obscure town called MONS in Belgium, in that heinous slaughter of the First World War!

img795Do you mean a war to liberate the British? NO you crowd of fools, a war to keep those ferocious Germans from occupying the rest of Western Europe. Would it have been proper for the citizens of that half Flemish, half French speaking country, where they consume Trappist beer, french fries, and is also the headquarters to the EUROCRAT Parliament to up the ante and restore that hall themselves?

Would it have been proper for the townspeople of Mons to collect some funds for the maintenance or restoration of that old English Military Hall named MONS Hall in Sandhurst in honor of the 1600 Englishmen who gave their lives near Mons on Belgian soil?

We are talking about that strange rare quality today, in ancient speak, be it in the English or French language, called HONOR. The concept of HONOR is something the old Greeks left us in this decrepit world, in their tales of Athens fighting Sparta. In this particular case, in Great Britain it refers to a nation of valiant men, doing what was right when it needed to be done and in the old days, they would say for God, Queen and Country.


img798img796aYes, the less than honorable Arab King, who gave his generous money in trade, wanted his name on the building in good European fashion, perhaps encouraged to do so by a faceless and nameless bureaucrat of the Military Industrial Complex. Maybe the bureaucrat was thinking of future arms sales and fresh cadets from tiny Arab nations. So, off comes the MONS Hall sign. The building will now be named after this Sheikh who is the landlord of a mere beach front property located in the world’s most important shipping lane. Progressives here and in the UK would attempt to say that he lifted his people up from poverty. This is a diplomatic way of saying, he saved much and put it in the right place, or in the proper bank.

Bahrain now depends, ever more, on British and American Manpower and industrial hardware in the Gulf. Wait a minute, did I say manpower? You actually might think I am referring to men who might give their, perhaps well paid, lives in an all voluntary modern day army for the benefit of this strip of real estate owned by the landlord.

The men who really fought in Mons in 1916 were just ordinary men and not those overpaid bloated bling Generals of today, who only know how to plan wars but not win them.

These types of Generals who have to resign, like they do in the US, after foolish relationships with two boobs and what else? The same type of Generals that sanction or even create Benghazi scandals and who cannot live up to owning part of it. Certainly not the men that would give us a Magna Charta today.

img799Is there really a lesson to be learned here?

This ancient English Kingdom gave its citizens the Magna Charta. Those universal principles are proudly and prominently anchored in the United States Constitution.

If you fish and chips and pie loving islanders really do not care about honoring your fallen heroes, then why would you ever think any man from any country would want to come to your future aid? What kind of examples are you setting for your ignorant children who most likely know nothing about history? You will end up like Greece, a sinking Island in a Euro sea of decay!

In America, pretty soon, only Texans will care about the ALAMO. Please Great Britons do not let this terrible disease also happen to you.

So tweet, and straighten up you blokes! Stiffen you upper lips! Send back those measly Judas silverlings to sand dune kings! HONOR your fallen great grandfathers. Stop selling a part of your bloody earned heritage, you motley bunch of fools to unknown kings!

The following is a part history of Great Britain in World War I. The text, below, and images throughout this post, with the exception of those colorful Belgian book markers, are from a book Posters of the First World War by Mr. Maurice Rickards, MSIA published in 1968.