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gentlemansviewpointIn the age of buzz and tweets, black smoke for non Pope days, the media throwing another “Kardashianesk whimp” under the bus, or “Bloomie” lord Bloomberg collecting styrofoam cups from gangs in the Bronx, instead of catching the fraudulent banksters in his new age territory, the WORLD moves.

ClipboardsrBlack drones, white drones, good drones and bad drones, anything but not on my watch, or in my back yard, when I might be living next to a prankster!

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Saucy stories, anything to keep you (s)lowly informed, unless you have your own satellite in space. So here are two, in enemy speak “sleeper stories”.

The first, is about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Fusion Centers. Listen to fabulous journalist Aaron Klein on Sunday nights at his radio show on his website or google him for the full story.

The second one, is about the “politically correct world” of the Army where you can buy, excuse me, earn a minor or major Bronze Star Award, perhaps after earning 500 “points” on your nearest Afghan grocer award card, but apparently not for valor. Really, have you seen the story about the unknown Lieutenant Colonel Jon Trainer, a Pastor at a local Church in Ohio, who by preaching to mankind and giving “powerpoint presentations” on how to handle Islamic holy material, earned this Bronze Star? I guess metals and medals (BLING) have been devalued in our day and age. If this is the case, then a collection could be held at this Church for a gold version of this Star in the Service of the Lord.

By the way, did you know that German World War Two soldiers had belts with buckles that read “Gott sei mit uns”, God is with us. I wonder what this rascal Pastor would have to say about that! May the Lord bless the ignorant Church goers at the New Hope Bible Church at Pataskala in Ohio. Perhaps, this Pastor’s next job besides drawing heavy fire, would be with the State Department accompanying the Cherry John Kerry on his dangerous trips through the Moslem lands. Or, would he donate his hard earned Army pension to a local church on a plane stop in Africa where there are still hungry Christian children? But watch out if you collect too many of these Bronzes for valor, in saving mankind, you could end up looking something like this:img810For the real “news” you will have to go to the town of BLUFFDALE in Utah after you read this article.

Of course, on their official town website you will not find a word about this very secret facility almost completed now! I wonder if Pastor Lieutenant Colonel knows more about it. Perhaps, his “powerpoint skills” would be useful there. Forget about his “interrogation skills”, they will probably only work on “Christians”.

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