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img898So, did you ever think you should or could be an artist or designer with or without some basics? I guess not! If you are an aspiring artist, a Grannie or a Mom or Dad doing some home schooling, then have a look at this wonderful resource! The book  Creative Paper Design was written by the German artist Ernst Rottger and first published in 1958, our copy is a sixth printing, 1968. In Japan, the art of paper folding is called Origami, and when you glue and cut the paper it is called Kirigami.

img891Little is known about the author, and I cannot find him on any list as having attended the Bauhaus School, but his teachings are very similar to the basic so called Vorkurs (Preliminary) by Itten at the Bauhaus in the 1920’s and similar to the teaching direction practiced by Elmar Ray Pierson at the Institute of Design in Chicago in the late 1950’s or 1960’s.

Obviously, we are no longer nimble in doing much of anything with our hands in this digital age. It is therefore very important not to lose both the hand and eye coordination, but also to use our motor skills for something other than clicking a mouse or sliding back and forth over a screen with your fingers. These exercises can be used as a very fine therapy for disabled Vets, for example, as well as, a superb relaxation therapy for everyone else. All you need are some low priced tools: pen, paper and scissors. The book goes from simple exercises to making wonderful masks and toys! Try making just one, practice makes perfect!