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gentlemansviewpointMARGARET THATCHER “The British Joan of Arc”, she saved an Island from Union “SAVAGERY”!

She saved the British by insisting on keeping the pound sterling, the monarchy and a Kingdom by supporting it, and look at what happened in the streets after she passes away. The Dregs of British society, who never had it so good, come out and have death parties!

During the last two hundred years, the real Britons with guts can be counted on one hand, actually 3 fingers are all that is needed. In my opinion, here they are :

Admiral Nelson, have a look at the Nelson Column at Trafalgar Square in London the next time you are there. Nelson’s final resting place is shown below.

img885The Duke of Wellington, twice Prime Minister, defeated Napoleon. His final resting place is shown below.

img890Lastly, Winston Churchill the man who never KOWTOWED in THE FACE of the worst of all times, who was also made the first Honorary Citizen of the United States of America and honored with a State Funeral.

Margaret Thatcher who served her country for three consecutive terms as a Prime Minister was the first and only English woman ever to hold this post. She was worth single handed more than all the Lords and Lefties together. Thank the Lord for the “Iron Lady”, amazing how some countries are destined to be saved by women through out history. France was saved once by Joan of Arc, look at it now! Mrs. Thatcher deserves an attendance of 1,000,000 people or more at her official State Funeral.

Americans, unfortunately have to do with “know-it-all” female leaders and liars like Hillary Clinton, fake Native American Indian Senators like Elisabeth Warren, psychos like Nancy Pelosi, phony Jews like Debbie Wasserman Schulz and countless other dimwits of the sort of Janet Napoletano, Sibelius and some loose “herms”, what a group! By the way, can you British perhaps liberate us and take back that sicko Piers Morgan while you are at it.