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img781In 1972 on display at The Documenta Art Show in Kassel, Germany, was a parody on the steamer trunk of yesteryear with labels attached to show how well we were traveled!

The suitcase represents also a metaphor showing us how life permits us to accumulate possessions that we carry with us throughout life’s journey. There is no statement on what we carry only how we carry. The suitcase image allows us to say to ourselves: I was there/ I live/I accumulate/ I possess/nothing is permanent/open the suitcase and dispose of the stuff. Without a doubt other explanations are very plausible, to each his own.img782Here is another type of parody: An institution “abuses” a popular image by a pop artist for an exhibition held at the “supermarket of the established sanctioned purveyor of culture”. It then sells you the lowest common denominator known to consumers, the bag, to show someone you were there! Hi brow or lo brow, it’s all in the bag.