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A few words of reflection on the terror attack in Boston, Massachusetts. Life in its very most basic form is about value. The “value of that life” belongs to the individual. It is needed to grow and weather life’s storms. It is needed to perceive one’s place in God’s Universe. It is needed to express the emotions and thoughts that spring from his or her innate possibility to perceive humanity at its best or worst.

In an open moral society, generally men and women will honor the basic values of such societies, especially those values that further the individual pursuit of happiness in whatever form that such happiness may be perceived.

Freedom, family, faith are some of those pillars of such a society. Those among us who willingly abdicate these values are subject to the immorality that is the inability to know the difference between right and wrong by their fellow citizens.

Those who commit to individual violence directed towards others in their quest to impose their will or aim at furthering their cause by taking the lives of innocent bystanders who are non believers in their cause MUST be dealt with, in my opinion, in a forthright manner that will remove their presence from such society by whatever means possible. With their despicable act of terror in Boston on Monday April 15, 2013 these terrorists have, by their actions, forfeited their basic right: LIFE.

An “eye for an eye” and a “tooth for a tooth” is not revenge but equality under just law. Since Massachusetts is a one party state, and currently does not have a death penalty, one would expect one of those Progressive Democrat Party politicians to come forward and propose a Bill that would make such punishment for these terror crimes possible.