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So it is Monday again and how do you express in 300 to 400 words some things that come to mind concerning what happened barely one week ago in Boston, Massachusetts?

Should you do this like most of the lame steam media did wishing that it was a white right wing terrorist who placed the bombs? Or, do you accuse the overseers or Provosts of American Universities allowing way beyond their mandate the preaching of the Radical left, multicultural, brain damaged professors ready to indoctrinate any dimwit who pays for those lessons and owes the government afterwards, as a group, a cool collective 50 billion dollars in loan interest?

Do you call out the colleagues of the convicted murderer Kathy Boudin now an assistant professor at the school of social indoctrination at that hotbed of Neo fascist left thinking Columbia University? All cowards for not protesting en masse against such hiring practices, especially, when said Boudin does not disavow publicly her former mates, but wishes in media statements they were out and around like her? Do not expect answers from the “politically correct thinking overseers of this University“, just shame them from their cushioned job(s). Ah how the world is changing!

Do you call most of these ignorant innocent professors a “Fifth Column” working in silence in order to proliferate the ways of the “Washington men”? What can you call a media groupie, a.k.a. journalist, a certain Mr.Bender, working as a puke-a-list for the Hellhole of all progressive wisdom, those fanatical political regime junkies and professional indoctrinators at the Boston Globe Newspaper, riding in a train sitting probably on the toilet and questioning one of the world’s best journalists Aaron Klein, on his radio program at Kleinonline.com from 7 to 9 p.m. on Sunday night about the political opportune moment to ask QUESTIONS?

Instead of answers to why the University system allows Muslim terrorists in their midst and why a Saudi National in Boston, caught by a “bystander” gets a visit from Mouchelle at his sickbed as reported in the press, such a convenient moment when Mr. O has to come to town to eulogize victims whose bodies are barely cold and when the suspects have not been caught.

Here could be one of those reasons: He had a sudden surprise visit from a Saudi envoy earlier that same week who first spoke to John Kerry at the State Department on Tuesday, but only wanted to speak to the “head bag man” himself on Wednesday, unscheduled! Perhaps we could have expected some of this after Obama kissed the hand (ring) of the Saudi King as a sign of respect or submission to Islamic rule on an earlier visit after he was freshly elected. Of course, the SAUDIS gave lots of money to HARVARD University after 911, which is, after all, Obama’s Alma Mater.

Massachusetts residents are used to being lied to by their elected officials on a grand scale, and being dumbed down over the years and years of progressive indoctrination by “democratic men“, but the rest of the American public does not have to accept the whitewashed LIES!.

What happened in Boston? Was it a government exercise gone awry.?

Why a military style lock down of a major United States Metropolitan area by a Governor who demonstrates a love for authoritarian behavior, when he prohibited driving on public roads in a snowstorm earlier last month? Do you wonder why Boston? Only in this self-professed number one democratic state in the United States of America can you use any sort of excuse to slowly get the public used to the rule of a martial style environment without a cry from the public! On the next possible go around, there could potentially be no more guns to defend yourselves and hasta la vista or sayonara is your “Republic of Constitutional Law”!

Nothing to see here folks just walk and dream on, never mind the Saudis own a large portion of the Fox media.