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For a break from all the current events happening around us, let’s go to an iconic record cover, Billy Squier’s 1984 Album “Signs of Life”.

The superb photography is by the South African born Norman Seeff (1939-) who photographed the best Pop stars for over 3 decades and whose work is featured on 100’s of covers. For a really good overview use this link to see other covers featuring the work of this Pop Culture photographer.

The cover design for this album featured above was done by Bill Smith about whom I know absolutely nothing at all, but the back cover design below and the record sleeve collage were done by the master of record cover design the iconic John van Hamersveld (1941-).

John van Hamersveld’s record cover albums, logos and branding, movie posters and a 360 feet mural for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games are the working terrain of this illustrator and artist who put his giant graphic stamp on an entire Pop Era.

The record sleeve.

Recently the Gingko Press published a 250 page book spanning the entire career of John van Hamersveld. We are also pleased to see the Gingko Press re-published a number of books by Marshall McLuhan that were out of print for years. Kudos to Gingko!