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img683In 2010 the book  True Prep was published by authors Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd who previously wrote another manual of Prep style: The Official Preppy Handbook.

A well written book for those wannabes, have beens, or those among us with lots of curiosity for why one dresses the way some folks do. Now so far so good! Until I got to the authors’ choices of which shoes for PREP?

img686Immediately, I sprung into action, as I could not in good conscience agree with much of their choices. I prefer shoes by Alden, Allen Edmonds, Walkover, Florsheim Imperials, Bostonians, etc., and some of the best of all, the Foot-joys not only a maker of golf shoes, but some of the finest footwear in existence.

Foot-Joy really! Narrowing things down to two basic vintage styles, I would select the moccasins and the “long wing” in various sauces. Like these pictured here

footjoy shoe advert 1953footjoy shoes ad 1953locke shoe advert 1953lefcourt shoe advert 1953Or if you prefer the “real thing” something like these vintage three eyelet Florsheims:vintage florsheim2reiter 2 private 7 002How about this superb pair of distinguished looking loafers from Nettleton dating from the late sixties?

private 7 006Or these English Church’s Moccasins on the left and dressier Italian Zegna shoes on the right, perfect for Harvard!

private 7 007True the vintage brown Walkover is a nicer shoe than the Allan Edmonds on the right but there are differences just look at the vamp on both.private 7 009For the absolutely understated look with Chinos or the right jeans, I like these woven all leather lined moccasins.private 7 014Oh my, these vintage ET Wright Cross Jacks from the 60’s/70’s  are starting to look right. So where do you really start, you might ask? Unobtainable are these original Sebagos featured in this ad from the late sixties.

sebagoThese were made in 3 different styles as you can see and in 3 different colors also, but here is the real Mccoy for shoe lovers in absolutely new condition with the patented style shank and pegs.private 7 017private 7 018private 7 020Then there are those superb Bostonian bluchers with triple soles, and in a fine orange color.private 018 private 016Enough, enough said the tortured man, knowing full well that his only consolation was to pay for lunch and then go out and chase down some real vintage goodies.

Let us go back to a nice anecdote in the book when it comes to suits and that very American maker Brook Brothers. No I am not going to show you those vintage Shetland wool jackets hanging in the closet! Or those Brooks Brothers Lace up shoes.! Anyhow, kudos to those fine writers of the book, but how about some more homework next time guys. NOW LET’S GO PREP!