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private 7 038I would like to get back to this very interesting book The Manual of Linotype Typography covered in an earlier post with a sprinkle of pictures. I have added more photographs, so you can really admire the variety of type and printing samples from the start of the Golden Era of American Printing : The 1920’s.

The book was written as a basic guideline for printers who used Linotype on the Mergenthaler Printing Presses. The Mergenthaler Presses revolutionized the speed of typesetting that led to the rise of modern printing technologies. The book was published in 1923 and written by the printing expert and historian/author William Dana Orcutt. The Mergenthaler Presses were able to cast entire sentences in their machines and the company became one of the largest newspaper printing press suppliers in the world, at the time. The book covers a number of printing topics including various lay-outs for book production.

The lithograph on the top of the post shows the typesetter working at night, unfortunately there is no mention as to whom the artist was. The following photographs are just a few examples from this superb book.