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gentlemansviewpointShown below is one of the most unusual views from the air and one of the most unusual stories you can come across. This place is on the outskirts of a small town called Barre in Massachusetts, and the view is of an open Sanctuary built by one man who had a vision of Hope. The man John Harty, now 88 years old, created this site on his own private piece of land on what is his farm.

Barre aerial

He started this site after he had a dream 25 years ago, and a Vision when the Lord told him how to make this site where Hope and Peace would reign. Although a practicing Catholic, John has no religious symbols on the site other than the cross displaying the Ten Commandments, Commandments known to every creed and in every language.

private3 007

To hear John and his family tell their story how they procured the 500 plus Emerald Arborvitae trees is a story in itself. The boulder visible in some of the photos was exactly split in 2 pieces by a bulldozer on the third try! When the operator, a friend of John, told him it could not be moved, he tried again and the rock split in a way that reminds me of how Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea.

I visited this wonderful place the Saturday before Easter on my own mission and  here are some photographs of this “Sanctuary“, a word that does not come lightly over my lips.

private3 008 private3 012

If you need a change of pace, if you need a change from the Boston visions of horror and destruction wrought by evil in the name of religion, you have an opportunity to walk around and sit quietly and reflect and you will come away changed by the Silence of Peace.

For every deed of evil, there is also a deed of Good. It is up to you to look for it.

See how in this modern age, in this wide wicked world, one man created God’s Acre in a back area of a state where only 50% of the inhabitants claim to have a religious affiliation of sorts, and how he overcame enormous difficulties financially, and many tribulations to create this for all of those who come. Every rock moved has a story, no stone was left unturned to complete this Vision.

private3 018

private3 019There are no false heroes or idols here. No monks, no priests, no admission, no loud speakers, no orderlies, no salesman telling you what to do or where to go and what to believe. Just you and yourself with your loved one(s) on a farm, and his Vision of Dedication to God’s Wisdom as it appeared to him in a dream. I’ll guarantee you, you will be moved. If you hear John’s story, then you might get a small inkling of what a Miracle is all about. Thousands have gone there before you and have carried a Seed of Miracles away with them!

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Barre directions