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Going through older issues of magazines, wherever and whenever you find them, can bring some “finds” to the researcher or collector. Shown below is a fine example, I believe.


The magazine “ON PAPER”, Volume 2 number 2 (1997) provides some really interesting articles, look at the image of a Rauschenberg print on the cover and read the variety of the items covered in the index.


Did you happen to notice the article on Rauschenberg’s prints? Or how about the article on Weegee the photographer?

Lo and behold, in the issue below Volume 1 number 3, I found this excellent part overview on Italian photography that I would like to share with you. There is also a great article on Thomas Ruff.

img944 img945 img946 img947 img948 How about a totally unrelated topic found in this publication.img917 img918Did you notice the database on Irish Architects? I guess you don’t know you are interested in the topic until you see it. This is like being a kid in the candy store feeling. The urge to learn and to read is what creates the “discovery”.

Outside the box thinking applies here every minute of the day, and that is why it is important to go to libraries or museums with a library, forget about the smell of old musty books, go through the open isles, keep an open mind about what you like or where your purpose leads you. Don’t just use a card catalog or computer index. Enjoy your next walk through the library!