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I wonder if this subject matter was ever taught to the illustrious President Hussein Obama or to the majority of the patsy coward class currently residing in the greatest Institution of all times, The United States Congress.

Apparently, this Uber Class of ordinary men catapulted by the low information class of selfish citizens of this Republic seem to have forgotten the very same rules that govern civility in speech and deeds to the benefit of the people who elected them.

So, I decided to pull out an interesting volume of legal scholarship that incidentally came out of the library of a now deceased Judge in Massachusetts! No, I am not a legal scholar, but some aspects of law have great impact on our daily lives, and here is one I would like to share with my readers. The book in question was published by the once greatly admired University of Harvard, now like most United States Higher Educational Institutions in moral and social decline, but that is not the point here.

I have never seen a better explanation of the meaning of the Magna Charta than the one found here. To some, it may be pearls for the proverbial swine, but somewhere among you there must be men of moral character, perhaps without formal higher education, but self taught or those among you who live in other parts of the world under Democratic rule or Sharia law in which case this simple two page paragraph might give you food for thought. So here we go.

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Incidentally, those new to ancient history, the sinking of the LUSITANIA by German U boats during World War I with a large loss of life, and the controversy surrounding this deed would be used as one of the reasons to bring the United States into World War I.

Read a very good description of that story here.

Obviously, some interesting questions can be posed here. Does the Magna Charta Principle apply to those living in the Arab world under Monarchy/Dictatorship or the Islamic rule of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why should American Soldiers give their lives for those who cannot even comprehend a principle they have not been taught?

What “False Flag” operation, a.k.a., “The Obama/Kerry Lusitania” will be used to draw American troops into Syria? With or Without Consent of the People of the United States.

On a cynical note for “Progressive Democrat and Republican Investors“, when it happens watch your military industrial complex stocks go up! They always do.