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img963This wonderful hardcover book Testaments Betrayed by Milan Kundera was published first in the French language in 1993, and subsequently published in English in 1995. Incidentally, if you remove the dust jacket Harpers Collins, the publishers added a nice feature to the cloth binding by showing us Kundera’s signature.

img966The Czech author and philosopher Milan Kundera is most likely better known in the Western world for the 1984 book An Unbearable Lightness of Being  a Proustian like novel subsequently turned into a superb movie in 1988, with Daniel Day Lewis in the main role.

img964aimg965I am always amazed by the literature that comes out of what was once a hotbed of multiculturalism in those Czech lands, in spite of the language barriers that exist between writers publishing in their native language on the one side, and the foreign reader on the other. Yet, the literature of those lands have somethings in common: Tradition, Religion, Being at the crossroads of Middle Europe, and the incredible need of the people that live there in their historical quest for Freedom from Oppression.

From Russian religious influences, Austrian rule, and communist oppression, Master Raconteur Kundera, in his self imposed exile, says it all! He is straight to the point with a deep spiritual conviction, a true son of his native land. In my opinion, the book is a very worthwhile read.