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gentlemansviewpointIn these days of open intelligence on the internet, and videos everywhere, anyone can become an expert quickly. It does not hurt to read or re-read a few books every once in a while. (tongue in cheek – or is it tongue in check?) So let’s make a foolish attempt to persuade you!


New Popes, Old Popes here is what you need to know.


Ironically here is a “real story”. The Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts by the good Irish name of McManus, yes the same one, who would not let Robert Spencer, a foremost American expert on Islam (jihadwatch.org) speak about Jihad and Islam at the Annual Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester, MA a few months ago, was stopped by police in Rhode Island just this week for an allegedly DUI offense and allegedly leaving the scene of an accident according to police statements in the news.

Now, I do not believe entirely in coincidence. Sometimes, it does not pay to be too politically correct Bishop, perhaps your God would have looked a bit kinder on you had you let Mr. Spencer speak, especially given the recent bombings in Boston executed by adherents to Radical Islam! Maybe persecuted Coptic Christians in Egypt by Islamic mobs and burned Churches also do not count  for this Bishop, as they are outside of his parishes. Perhaps, he wants to be even more politically correct than most Popes would be in the old days, and pretends he doesn’t know what Coptic Christians are! Let those free of sins throw the first stone is written somewhere, after all he is only human. In my opinion, dear Bishop, a bit more humility and speaking the truth a bit louder will go a long way, but in your case not to the throne of St. Peter!