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Sometimes, we make comments that are not smart, politically correct or just plain untimely. In spite of all these adjectives, those words could make a point and can make us examine some issues or facts more objectively. When those words come from a writer, perhaps one with a big ego, aren’t they just human beings first, before they preach to us, in their irrevocable wisdom?

This is probably the case, in my opinion, with author Niall Ferguson. Ferguson has  been needlessly grilled by the “always politically correct lefty media”. Why nag a man who writes books like Civilization The West and the Rest. I started to read this wonderful book a few weeks ago, and was not quite finished with it when I heard the dumbo left wing media rake Ferguson over the coals.

The 2011 book is dedicated to his now wife Ayaan Hirsi, once the African darling of the right wing parties in the multicultural socialist Netherlands, where she was embroiled in a number of controversies. Ferguson could have taken a cue from her, but he did not do so apparently. Maybe, Ferguson got infected a bit with the Uber Harvard disease, and can claim to be misquoted like that half white half black man in the highest office of the land who seems to be infected with that disease.

Whatever the case might be, Niall Ferguson is not a doctor who took an oath to save lives, but a historian at best and a good one. In an age of liberal rewriting of history in universities, usually for the benefit of a ruling few, one should be thankful for his books, even if it creates an inflated ego in the writer at times. Some of those who criticize the person and pass judgment will undoubtedly benefit from reading his books also.img925