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img616img619This important history book, Kosovo a Short History was published originally in 1998 and brought out in paperback in 1999. Noel Malcolm, the author, is a foremost expert on Balkan History. Malcolm was born in 1956, studied at Cambridge in England where he obtained a Ph.D. in History. Subsequently, he became a Fellow of Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge from 1981 through 1988. He later became Foreign Editor of The Spectator and political columnist for the Daily Telegraph. In 1994 his highly acclaimed book Bosnia: A Short History was published.

Here is the content index of his Kosovo book.

img620img621This hefty volume is one of the better historical studies I have read in the last few months. Have Americans already forgotten what happened in Kosovo? Those more in tune with politics might recall that this War happened on President Bill Clinton’s watch (President 1993-2001) with the Sbrenica (Bosnia) murders of thousand of Muslims by the Serbs in July of 1995, with the entire United Nations watching and doing nothing. Interesting, a similar thing happened in the Kosovo War in 1999. This time, Wesley Clark (ex United States General) was the supreme Commander of NATO. The same Wesley Clark who would later run for President, and afterwards supported Hillary Clinton’s failed run. Needless to say, it is known publicly he supported President Obama’s bid for Presidency the first go around.

Wesley Clark was Director of Strategic Plans and Policy for the Pentagon in 1994 and a Rhodes Scholar, just as President Clinton had been a Rhodes Scholar. What else happened under Democratic President Clinton?  Were the subsequent Muslim extremist terror acts in the years that followed ” blow back” for failed US State Department Official Policies? What else happened on President Clinton’s watch, you might ask? A Pandora’s Box full of interesting events, in my opinion.

Here is such a controversial media piece that only” tips the iceberg“. Remember judge for yourself, as these are suppositions and relate to questions asked in the media, when there was still an Independent Media working in America.

Reading, the last paragraphs in the above linked article, it is alleged that the US Government under Democratic President Clinton was involved in “secretly supplying arms“. Was this the path followed to Benghazi?What difference does it make” was Hillary Clinton’s apparent leitmotiv as Secretary of State. You wonder where she learned her “tricks”. Hillary for President in 2016? No, I do not think so, her road to Benghazi was a proverbial “Dead End” in a less than brilliant career.

An amazing family those “Political Clintons” are they not? Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas from 1979-1981 and from 1983-1992. Can you see the progressive democratic hand yet? No? Read this older post about an example of how the Progressive hand works and where.