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What would it look like to dress for the weekend in the 1950’s? Let’s have a close up look! img999 img002 img003

A self respecting man, by that I do not mean one of those soft Generals of today’s Army who only seem to publish their memoirs or have their female biographer peak under the desk, if you know what I mean, would purchase a hat. Look at these options to acquire the latest in soft styled hats.

img006a img007 img007a A real Saturday on the town could be done wearing a shirt in the latest style.

img008But no Saturday night would pass without donning one of these “torture” items.

img004Well you might complain “not enough choice here mate”. Hold your gun.

img005You might ask at this point, how do you translate this into today’s worldly young man? I would start with the easy items from my wardrobe right here.

private14 014The Pendleton soft pure virgin wool “flea-marketeer” for those haunts very very early on Saturday morning in the country, but than of course, if you were one of those “real Texans” you would take offense and carry nothing but this straw hat for those hot summer Saturdays.private14 015private14 016Of course such symbols of utter authoritarian Manhood would not be fit for Manhattan Hi-Rise cowboys. They probably never heard of this Larry Mahan Milano Hat, handmade and woven in Texas. Only the Montana wild boys would know where to get one. The only place where they have 10,000 boots and hats in stock!

private14 017private14 018Do not despair you yuppies or millenarians, hang on to your ball “caps” when you are in Manhattan.

private14 019Here is a piece of advice, hanging out at that “real hot spot” on Saturday nights may require you to wear one of these with that large watch.img998

img997Go ahead and have a great time! You FASHIONISTA...