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Munitions of the Mind by Dr. Philip M. Taylor is one of those books that gets you thinking about propaganda!

Predictions, insight, programs, progressive, news speak, hope and change and other buzzwords have overtaken society these days. Listening to talk radio and reading impending doom and gloom political blogs will really “seal the deal”.

img992The Benghazis of the world, according to the idiot newscasters and White House talkers, those able to speak without the teleprompter, happened a long long time ago, and to some government leeches it does not matter at all. Here is why. img989Not sure that you know how it works? Read the Table of Contents below:img990img991Which courageous enterprising non political college professor, if there is still such an animal who was not infected with the Affirmative Action disease at the Mass Manipulating Re-education Centers of today, would write the “History of Mass Manipulation” during the last 30 years?

In reality, any good Shrink or Psychologist, Sleep at the Wheel Congressman or Congresswoman should be able to explain how it works, in my opinion.

“WAR ON WOMEN”, FAIR SHARE, RE-DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH, to name just some, were taken straight out of the manuals, and these “talking points” took up space in the media. With Pavlovian accuracy, the Monsantos of the world will make sure we will all eat from the same “infested and innoculated” food supply, no matter where you shop in this world, unless you own your own island. Companies like Nestle will be the largest bottlers of water in the world and fairly soon the word Propaganda will not be heard anymore publicly in society at large.

Arab Springs, Syria, North Korea will be old “crises’ points”. Cameras will look up and smart ones will determine what you ate the night before. Church benches will become recliners for those who would like to be comfortable when they listen to the “Feel Good” hour. Those looking for alternatives in lifestyle can visit their local government sponsored Mosque where dissent is never heard, let alone discussed. Need an address? Try the one in Cambridge near Boston.

All of this is non-Monsanto FOOD FOR THOUGHT!