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What an iconic cover.

The photograph on the cover is by photographer Richard Avedon.

Igor Stravinsly’s face a blend of Slavic, melancholic, stern expression, on the one hand, and photographer Richard Avedon on the other hand. Avedon skillfully allows us a look into the composers soul at the right moment when he raises his sunshades and no longer hides the enormous sensitivity he possesses. The cover photo is black and white printed on gold color, innovative and very strong!

Have a look also at the earlier post we did on Stravinsky. Look at the photograph by Arnold Newman, another one of those great photographers who captured that mystical music quality in Stravinsky’s face. Below is a YouTube video of The Rite of Spring, Sacrificial Dance performance.

Who better than Stravinsky himself to explain this piece of music, “The Rite of Spring“. The anecdotal story was printed on the back cover. The originally Columbia Records Album was issued as a set of two LPs. The second LP of that set had an interview with Stravinsky explaining in his own voice the how’s and why’s of the music. The set was re-issued a year later as only one LP without the interview. A resume of Stravinsky’s interview, however, can be found on the back cover.  This particular record dates back to 1961, according to the copyright for Stravinsky’s notes on the back.

We have posted a link here to a superb record/music site, in my opinion, where you can read more on this story written by an expert Ron Penndorf on recording and classical music, as well as, many other interesting facts. I really think, you will enjoy this site!

From the back of the above record cover in Stravinsky’s own words:img009img010