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private16 048You can use a telescope to gaze at the stars and sigh in wonder. You rarely ever get a close up, naked eye look at what wondrous things take shape in Nature.

Here by happenstance, a tree gets uprooted by a stream or struck by lightning.

City folks see trees with bark intact as logs at best, or see trees neatly cut down with the stumps remaining in the ground.

Have a look what happened here.

private16 003In order to get some idea what intricacies lie at the roots, I took another picture.

private16 002Intricately connected like a membrane or a bunch of twisted telephone wires, if you will. We cannot make head or tail out of it, but the tree could and grew straight up. Unfazed by the complexities of the root system, it did what it was supposed to do.

Are we doing what we are supposed to be doing? SEE, STOP, REFLECT, ACT

“From roots I sprang and was raised to heaven, birds were crowding in my crown, but what raised me took me down to provide for something other. Now, I will provide the cover for what lies below the surface, for the things I do not know. My purpose did not change, but my destiny as perceived by others has now forever changed.” by Twicemodern

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