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img015The Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy is one of four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice and also the oldest bridge. The construction on the stone bridge was started in 1588 and completed in 1591. It replaced a similar looking wooden bridge. Famous architects at the time were asked to submit plans, but none dared this undertaking. Finally, Antonio Da Ponte submitted his plans many claimed could not work, but many hundreds of years later, it is still the most visited and photographed bridge in all of Italy.

This particular Albumen print from our archive is not signed, and most likely dates to the 1880’s. To be sure, I would have to ask one of those smart Venetians who would surely recognize some intricate detail here that only the true Venetian cognoscente could know. I guess it will have to wait a while. I also wonder what happened to the very leaning lamppost on the right, perhaps that same gondola is still in service who knows?  Va bon, magari che ne  xe qualche Venezian chi sa e chi non ga il gran sapore in tasca! Mi sono grato!