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gentlemansviewpointIs there ever a “better” time to speak or stand up than now? My thoughts go out to the family of the slain Soldier in London by the savage Islamist fascist thugs crawling out of their protected spaces, protected by the ignorant, do gooders, among the British people.

One of them is the Islamist lackey, the coward David Cameron, appointed leader of the “silent lambs” on that Island, an Island sinking deeper into the politically correct morass. After the necessary empty sympathies displayed by the British leader for the slain soldier, he then kowtows to the brown Islamist crowd and their white well wishers by ordering the “protectors” of the land and people, the soldiers, out of UNIFORM in public!

You poor Islanders, you lost an Empire out of stupidity and now you have your “Safe haven Muslim Terrorist” carpet rolled out for the next ex-empire Mau Mau Tribe to invade you.

There is no more hope for you with your Fifth Column Muslims devouring your lands. The “Good Muslim” is not unlike the Second World War “good German”, who never spoke out in public against his own German Nazi kind.

There is one difference though. Everyone in the media is telling citizens how their country is utterly “democratic“. Great Britain is certainly not a “police State” or the subject of a criminal political regime. So Muslims can speak out if they wish to do so. Cameron could be one of those elected incompetents who under the guise of  a stealth democratic policy, like his foremost example, the great leaders on the other side of the pond, slowly but surely will sell out your rights for the greater good for the Muslim vote.

Of course, for you descendants of Britons, Picts, Angles, Saxons and God knows what else, why should you care? Endure you must, with a stiff upper lip if you will. What a pity it surely is.