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private17 003A superb photograph by the Canadian photographer Yusef Karsh featured on the front cover of this LP record.

Opinion: Here is a very fine example of what we could call in modern parlance the “influence peddling to the medical trade”. I am sure there are better and more politically correct terms to express the idea. Was it really an innocent era then? We are all peddling something for the “greater good” aren’t we? Not.

The gate fold opens to this

private17 007I am not sure when advertising targeting exclusively medical doctors started or what the precise date of the record shown above is (1960’s?).

I am sure this LP album dates way before the now outlawed cruise ship junkets, so called “hooker” a.k.a. speaker conferences, outright “points” gifts, or other types of subtle coercion, in other words to use more of the very latest and best available “final solutions” medications for all medical problems. In fact, today, as we speak, there are those quack “medical professionals” who advocate the “right to die” as long as it is assisted by a professional who took a Hippocratic Oath. An Oath which probably will be abolished when Obamacare gets on stream and “non-medical bureaucrat examiners” will decide if it is profitable for the “new world order system” to give you this pill or that other pill. Now let’s get back to the record.

This fine specimen was put out for the exclusive pleasure of the doctors by Bristol Laboratories!

img105img106An “ethical subsidiary” of the Bristol Myers Company. In their own words!

Thank you fellows for being so ethical. It breaks my heart. Oh, by the way, read the information in the outlined red box (above) near the bottom. SIDE EFFECTS?

Now back to music:

private17 008Perhaps the combined healthcare prevention team led by Herr Obama’s Dr. Goebbels can come up with a DVD instead of a record. Experiments for a new age anyone?

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