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In Aldo Pellegrini’s book New Tendencies in Art , I found a wonderful illustration, in my opinion, of the artist Allan Kaprow (1927-2006) “smithing” or assembling his words and thoughts. What comes out is something very unexpected. Kaprow was a pioneer in the concept of the Performing Arts also know as “Happenings“, and a member of the Fluxus Group. Robert McElroy is the photographer, although credit is not given on the page in the book. This information came from a German website published by Thomas Dreher.

img144a img144bimg144c The attention given by me in previous posts on LP records with  “spoken words” is re-iterated in the above photograph with its accompanying text, including the record players. This shows “LP records”, with words or new experimental music on records, were an active part of the Dada influenced “happenings” in art of the 60’s and early70’s.

Aldo Pellegrini (1903-1973), Argentine art critic, made a valuable addition to the period understanding of the various art tendencies up to the publication date of the book in1966. Here it is shown in an English translation. It was originally published in Spanish in Argentina.

Pellegrini was the founder of the first Spanish speaking Surrealist group in South America in his native Argentina in 1928. Poet, author and co-publisher/editor on occasion, he published magazines like Ciclo and Letra y Linea. He also edited the 1962 publication Antologia de la Poesia Surrealista which won praise by Andre Breton, the father of the Surrealist Manifesto.

More on Pellegrini’s poetry at the Spanish amediavoz.com website. Try these websites el-placard.blogspot or elortiba.org.