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img151Smoldering embers of the ghastly spoken word lit up a bonfire of hellish thought.

The what if, the how, the why so cleverly and sly, were thrown now over board. My ship sailed on.

img275A beacon came in sight, sun high amid a clear blue sky, the land of miracles. That princely feast remembered, the crashing doors wide open. The blank space seems so nude to my naked eye.

img145Letters holding words in place, ever growing lots of space, what is in a wait, who is at your gate? I took another look, the ship was sailing on.

A grand new space was opening up, a land of miracles that owned no place, a dormitory filled with creatures but none that I could touch. My watch came up, I stood the starboard side no land near here, but a vast ocean full of might. The ship sailed on.

Those memories appear now jaded in the coming of the morning light, and looking out I knew at once the ship had sailed along leaving me behind.

The rush was on too. I had to get ready for the Annual Tie Clip Event. Fortunately my hotel was close by, located on 34th St. When I left the house earlier in the week, I had packed for this unknown occasion. Here is what I put in my valise.private18 002Shown above, a pair of fabulous vintage made in England canvas cap oxfords made a long time ago for Cole Haan. These perfectly accent those washed out jeans.private18 005A pair of very vintage Stetson ankle boots in that deep mahogany tinted leather made half a century ago, but still with the reddish Goodyear soles with heels that could be replaced. Just in case canvas would not do.  private18 006I had no idea if the occasion would be a bit more formal, so I also packed the best saddle style black leather shoes made by FootJoy in their heyday. You never know what university dress types would be there. To be on the very safe side of formal, I brought the quintessential Brooks Brothers Oxfords along of yesteryear, faithful companions of earlier business haunts.

private18 010I was prepared to offer some ties for the Annual Tie Clip Event where brunettes and blondes would be chasing the fancy ties to clip those labels off, so here is what I decided to offer up.private18 013 private18 014private18 015 private18 016 private18 019 private18 021private18 017private18 018In the mean time, you all have a fine weekend without any of these surreal moments. So, what happened at the Annual Tie Clip Event? Why leave us hanging on by a thread?