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gentlemansviewpointSlowly but surely the blinders come off!

The disgusting performance by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius was to be expected. Congressman Barletta’s request for an exception to the ironclad HHS rules, in order to provide a 10 year old girl with a lung operation, was not met with a compassionate answer. Sebelius, with the ice cold answer of a hardened soulless bureaucrat, reminding one of a bygone Nazi or Stalinist Era, answered with an air of utter arrogance: “Some live and some die”.

It is a chilling reminder for most people to see and hear Obama’s team in action. He demands and gets the absolute allegiance, formerly only seen by the likes of King Louis the Sixteenth, Pot Pol, Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and like wise African Dictators who demand the ultimate oath from their subordinates or subjects.

Where is Obama’s race baiting statement of sorts like “If it were my son his name would be Trevor”? If the 10 year old girl would be his daughter, then the exception would be made, don’t you think so? It is not the girl’s fault she was not a member of a privileged minority or other tribe. Certainly, this 10 year old could not be demonized either as a Tea Party member by the regime groupies.

The whole charade shows once more that the Demoncratic Mau Mau Washington Machine is bulging under the weight of the numerous scandals. Therefore, the regime had to show how much they can bully the ordinary citizen into submission by showing they control the decision over life and death.

My advice to you is: Find a Jewish neighbor and ask if they know who Dr. Mengele was. If they do not know the answer, just tell them Dr. Mengele is back again. Perhaps those Jews, or better yet, probably I should just call them Semites or Secular descendants of the Jewish Faith will take the blinders off before Mengele calls on them.

For the other Obama voters, you can keep the blinders on, but the secret is out. The death panels are here. History will always repeat itself in one shape or another. Like to know more real life history just Google Aktion T4 or if you do not like that suggestion and trust the encyclopedia instead, go here for the soft version of this topic“. It really will be worth your while!