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img208Some of you might feel somewhat neglected. I will not even pretend to be an expert on women’s shoes, although I am one on men’s shoes and feel qualified as such to voice a meekly opinion. In the days of label conscious men and women, I do not care for the poor quality of the preppy women’s loafers shown in the book True Prep by Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kid and in the picture above.

If you must show a label or logo do it right! I believe the monogrammed  letters LV or H have been used or abused too much, so I sourced this gently worn pair of shoes, so I could show you an envious pair.

PRIVATE20 002 PRIVATE20 004 PRIVATE20 005I especially like the fact that the logo is reproduced on the leather sole on the bottom of the shoe, so you know you are walking on something substantial! The canvas like cloth with the logo “C” for Celine is of a super quality.

Real quality Italian Artisan crafted loafers, like these, will always be lined with a butter soft aniline dyed glove leather. These none too subtle loafers are a severe subconscious attack on your wallet and on the strength of your female friendships. Watch out there is envy everywhere. No these are not my size, nor do I suffer from an identity crisis, just so you know.