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img159 img164 img165A few notes are in order here: Desmond Morris was one of the most acclaimed  nonfiction authors of the praised 1960’s, and a forerunner of all the tribal theories written after his book The Naked Ape. On another note, Professor Tinbergen, under whom he studied, was one of the idiots who worked for the Club of Rome, one of the most misleading and dangerous cult groups of the last quarter of the Twentieth Century.

img160The design of the book is interesting. On the top of the post, we show the full dust jacket with Morris’s obligatory portrait on the back. The hardbound book has the same image on the front (shown above), but without the title, in exactly the same psychedelic colors, even though they do not show up as yellow on my scanner. The designer is Lawrence Ratzkin. Ratzkin designed thousands of book covers for nearly all the major publishers like Farrar Strauss, Simon and Schuster, E.P. Dutton, Knopf, William Morrow, just to name some, illustrating many famous bestsellers.

Back to the book. Whether you agree or not with all of Desmond Morris observations and beliefs, the book is a must read again, especially when measured against what happens around us. Below is the index of the book to give you an idea of the variety of topics covered. He also provides a very large bibliography of books.

img161Desmond Morris portrays with exactitude the dangers that lie waiting in the corners of a debased society in his introduction.

img162aimg162bimg163What Desmond Morris does not mention here is that “information” is not equal to wisdom, judgment, morality and just plain good old common sense. Perhaps, if we try hard enough, and buy some whistles maybe we can stop the madness! We are taught in “modern education” how not to think, but only process much useless information.

Interested in that topic? In my opinion, yes! Everybody should be watching this extremely important interview between Jeffrey Mishlove and Professor Theodore Roszak on the Cult of Information in the Thinking Allowed Series on YouTube.