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PRIVATE20 022From our record album collection of images by photographers and graphic artists:

Gary Winogrand (1928-1984), was a true American icon in photography. He photographed Street life in the early 1960’s, primarily in New York City,as well as animals in a zoo. He was a photography teacher in Chicago, Illinois.

Winogrand was an author of a number of important photo books listed in every major reference work from the M & M Auer Collection, The Open Book, Badger and Parr reference works, etc.

Where would you go to see some of his work if you do not own any of his books? Try the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts in August 2013 where a number of photographs of his will be on display from his beautiful book Women are Beautiful (1975) or the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that just concluded a major show on the artist, and published a new book on that occasion.

Or right here above, two photographs by Gary Winogrand used for a Percy Faith record album cover in 1963! Yes, I would also have preferred to see the entire two photographs in the uncut stage, my friends, especially since I have seen other complete photographs done by him, and used to illustrate other record album covers. It is what it is!

A Winogrand Exhibition was held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in 2013.