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gentlemansviewpointThe IRS scandal, media investigations, are all on the watch of the current United States Administration. Leaks, whistleblowers, immigration bills, gun rights, Benhazi, what else is left? Are you sick of all this yet? The New World Order is in overdrive! False flags, Generals fired, military correctness, political correctness, Muslim infiltration in the United States Government are you kidding? You have become the new SCREEN on which the the government led contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton, under the supervision of the Czar James Clapper, an ex Boozer, PROJECT on to you the “indoctrination schemes“.

sphinxReligion is out of fashion. Games for the hungry masses are on TV. The full circus is on, and all stops are pulled. Militarization of United States cities, like the recent events in Boston, have shown this tactic to work. Suspension or infringements of Constitutional rights, no big deal. There is nothing to see here folks, move along please! Or, with the now famous hollow phrase by hanger-on Hillary, the wench of good Uncle Tom “Bill”, What difference does it make”? White becomes black and black becomes white, transparent becomes obscure and the obscure becomes transparent.

This is straight from the SPHINX, in ancient history a.k.a. The ORACLE. In Greek philosophy, The Oracle devoured those who could not answer the questions asked by the Oracle. This Sphinx, the Sphinx stands in Egypt, guards the pyramids.


The more we know about the pyramids, the less we know about the Sphinx. For thousands of years, it was the oldest specifically built monument known to mankind. What is the Sphinx? Who is the Sphinx? James Clapper worked for Booz Allen Hamilton. R. James Woolsey Jr., Head of CIA under President Bill Clinton from 1993-1995 has allegedly worked for Booz Allen. David Petraeus (ex Chief CIA) now works for the megalith money pushers KKR. Ex Generals at the head of Mega Corporations? Influence and secret or influence peddling seems to be beneficial to some like those affiliated with the Bilderberg Group. In fact, the brother of the current Dutch King was at Booz Allen for a stint. Is that where the training takes place?

Below are links to nine videos, in order from top to bottom, that can explain some of what I have written above. These videos range from 6 to 12 minutes in length. I trust you are old and wise enough to make up your own mind.  In my opinion, they demonstrate the bigger picture and the secret US government and Globalist agenda behind the many scandals occurring today.










The Sphinx is another Matrix. Follow the money, look at the political trail, and be careful not to fall off the planet. Not all of it is theory and not all of it is truth. The Sphinx will guard your secrets.