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gentlemansviewpointThis post is about some old wisdom and much truth for which I rely on memory. It is one of my longer rambling posts. Please bear with it.

What class of people will fall prey to the Secret State? The very young indoctrinated by Common Core standards outsourced to corporations who support this government. The very old, they have seen it all or not, and are too feeble to form real opposition, unless they leave their funds to a generation of resister.

Those who have to carry the burden are the disappearing Middle Class. This held true traditionally for centuries. So much so, the following popular Wisdom phrased it like this:

“Never confide in a young man – new pails leak. Never tell your secret to the aged – old doors seldom shut closely.”

I could quote Benjamin Franklin who said:

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead”. Profound?

Why now? The older the Civilization, the more Collective Memory. Obliterate Collective Memory, change the Language, delete the Borders and you are 75% on track of changing Society.

Why now in America? There is not a single soul alive who remembers a First World War from experience. Slavery and Civil War exist not in memory, but in books only. Hide the books, do not teach history, and within a generation after all the World War 11 Veterans have died off, and most Vietnam Veterans have been weaned on meds and have gotten old, then you have created a “new man“.

Bombard man with useless distractions, corrupt him with sanctioned GREED, and man will flee from Wisdom like a crow will flea from a carcass eaten bare to the bone.

The “master class“, so they want you to believe, have now the opportunity to become the Vulture of the wage slaves. An inequality seeps into the cracks of an ever more decadent society.

Confusion, misappropriation, contradictions, lawlessness, and selective justice for the “upper class”, and Draconian legal measures for the lower classes are the hallmarks of this type of society. Individual rights are the means of subordinating society to moral law, and as a consequence a private individual may do anything except that which is legally forbidden but a government official may do nothing except that which is legally permitted.

And so here we are:

“The only reference to the writ of habeas corpus in the U.S. Constitution is contained in Article I, Section 9, Clause 2. This clause provides, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” President Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ in 1861, when he authorized his Civil War generals to arrest anyone they thought to be dangerous. In addition, Congress suspended it in 1863 to allow the Union army to hold accused persons temporarily until trial in the civilian courts. The Union army reportedly ignored the statute suspending the writ and conducted trials under Martial Law.” (from the Free Dictionary by Farlex)

In 2013 a citizen can be held in indefinite detention.

By this time in the past, the Europeans, like the French where the truckers blocked with their trucks all traffic and commerce and walked away leaving their vehicles behind. In Romania, miners armed with nothing but iron bars stormed the Capitol, and obliterated the Dictator. In Poland, Lech Walesa and his dock workers brought down a Government. In Greece, protesting shopkeepers closed their store front windows. In Germany, millions took to the street, in order to physically tear down a Wall. Enfin, you get the drift.

sheep1In America, an even fatter class of citizens who can barely turn their heads when they drive, will go to Walmart for an extra supply of everything. Bedecked and bemedaled Generals in superbly starched uniforms will sit around the conference tables calling their buddies in the different Think Tanks. Once the decision has been reached, the order will be given by a man who has never commanded anyone but a group of community organizers. BY NOW, THE FOX IS IN THE HEN HOUSE.


Indiscriminate tyranny ought to appeal to any government in which those, who are responsible for the making of laws, may make them, destroy them, break them, interpret them, prevent them, suspend them, all done with the security of impunity. This law-breaking is either hereditary, or it is elective; usurper of power, or legitimate power, good, or bad, one, or many, at any rate, anyone who has an effective force to do this promotes tyranny; and people who stand with him, are his slaves. (translated from Vittorio Alfieri- 18th Century Italian Poet)

In my opinion: Take a close look at the numerous scandals now clouding the faith and trust a citizen could have in his government. IRS intimidation, secret press investigation, neglect of duty to protect those who served the state a.k.a. Benghazi, spying on all citizens with the NSA, you the ordinary man or woman have now become the undisclosed enemy.

“The “ living  inferno” is not something that will be, if there is such a thing, it is what is already here, the Inferno in which we live every day, we create this by being together. There are two ways to escape such suffering. The first is easy for many: Accept the “Inferno“ and become part of it to the point of no longer seeing the Inferno. The second is risky and demands constant vigilance and apprehension: Seek and learn to recognize, who and what in the midst of hell, is not hell, then help them or it to endure, give them growing space.”- A translated quote from the Italian writer Italo Calvino


In my opinion: The progressive or liberal left fascist administration under the leadership of President Obama with the help of the Jewish Bolshewik Kapos like Lois Lerner, Chuck Schumer, David Axelrod, Jack Lew, and their morally bankrupt apparatchik counterparts in both parties, whether they are Jews and religious in name only or not, African Americans, some with deep Voodoo tendencies, closet Muslims bent on Holy War, or any other creed or breed of man, have now succeeded with their million men army (the NSA and other obscure forces); and the new Federal Police Force called DHS, to put fear in ordinary men and women who go through life thinking, we are a civilized nation, “these things don’t happen here”. As Germans would say after the Second World War: “wir haben es nicht gewusst” (We did not know about it, when confronted with the misdeeds of the Third Reich).

Magna Charta, Habeas Corpus, First amendment, Fourth Amendment will only have meaning if you support the SECOND AMENDMENT. Do you not believe that you will end up under a amalgamation of a Twenty First Century regime that makes the Nazi and Soviet systems look like kinderspiel?

Profound prophecies or doomsday slayer?

The enemies of good men are called complacency, greed, selfishness and the lack of faith in the purpose of life, which is to grow spiritually and respectful of others. The vicarious Facebook likes will not comfort you when you realize that trust does not equal a like or thumbs up. When discord strikes in the hearts of men and you doubt what you believe and in whom, you will be lost on the first step to humanity’s door.

(Democrats and some Republicans will claim as the Good Germans – We did not vote for any of this – when confronted in due course when all the misdeeds are brought to ligh,t and they will be rest assured)

Do we still need Poets, Writers or Cobblers when we go barefooted and paper is banned? Do we still need Painters and Singers when heart to heart talk is forbidden? Do we still long for Dreamers like Moses to lead us out of a spiritual desert? Can we leave the flower by the road for those who come next around the bend to enjoy?

If in your opinion, we do need any or all of the above qualities recognizable in men, my friends, than take Italo Calvino’s advice; “Seek and learn to recognize, who and what in the midst of hell, is not hell, then help them or it to endure, give them growing space.”

And if none of those qualities above described are needed – MAY THE LAST MAN or WOMAN TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. The morning after, the Dow is up, the crisp uniforms in their swivel chairs still believe they can dazzle the 21st Century citizen with gadgets. The armament company CEO’s are working the telephones. The military industrial complex never sleeps.


If you are old enough to remember the 1969 Movie Z by Costas-Gravas you might follow the link below and enjoy the interview.