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PRIVATE21 006The following images are from a 1962 RCA record album of a performance of Giacomo Puccini’sLa Boheme Opera in Four Acts”. In the original box are two records and a booklet full of wonderful illustrations done by a designer or an artist with the initials RBO. Even if you may or may not like Opera, these records and their booklets usually describe the opera, and give information about the artists of that period. This provides a valuable glimpse into the culture of that era.

I really like the graphic design of the booklet, with the square format, the blue cover and of course the Italian and English translation of the libretto or story.

I believe the wikipedia entry on this subject is more qualified than I am, so for the whole story I suggest you follow the link here. It will give you the opportunity also to listen on that site to some arias sung by the incredible Enrico Caruso from a 1907 record. Kudos to Wiki! A very nice diversion for a few moments. Yes, you can be converted into an Opera lover at any age, if you appreciate the human voice.