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gentlemansviewpointSo far 1-0 for Snowden! The same Senators and Congressmen who are supposed to defend the United States Constitution and American Liberty have already lined up against the “Whistle blower”. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her gang are suddenly concerned. No dear reader. They are not in a terrible hurry to bring the Benghazi killers to justice, and she enrolled the help of some members of the GOP in creating the proverbial Salem Witch Hunt on Snowden!

Let us do some research not funded by the taxpayer or a university, nor by BIG BROTHER. Here is a quick hint:

Much of what Edward Snowden revealed was known extensively in Congress already. The book The Shadow Factory published in 2008 by author James Bamberg takes us on a tour of  the National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying on its United States Citizens since 2001. Why were the Boston Bombers not picked up earlier? Obviously, something or somebody does not work. Or does it?

Could there perhaps be something wrong with the NSA a.k.a. the American Military spying on all United States citizens? While we are debating at the kitchen table whether Snowden is a traitor or not, a lot of other New World Order measures or ideas are being put silently in place.

img280img281img282This very interesting book ends with this:

img283img284Now ask yourselves who has been on the House Intelligence Committees for the last years?

We are now past the Kafkaesk Orwellian Age. Total Awareness is what it takes, when the High Priests of Law dance with the High Priests of Finance and the High Priests of Government, and somebody else is listening and watching, watch out hat is a Cabal!

Watch this interview with the author 2009 on C-SPAN you owe this to yourself, your family and your community.