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gentlemansviewpointApparently in Turkey every new born gets a government issued email address. This email address is assigned to be used throughout life in order to communicate with the powers to be. Other European cities are attempting to establish a so called “digital ring” around major towns. Today, in Europe and especially in the United States, every major access road is monitored 24/7, license plates are run through various databases in real time. Cellphones of those in the car are run through databases to see if they have called each other in the past or have never communicated among themselves that would be suspect. Science fiction?

PRIVATE23 027Government monitors access, and thus restricts the flow of free movement within a given area. Dissidents, those who are very vocal in their opposition to certain types of social engineering policies, will be denied an “internet identity card“, identifying the user, in order to get on the internet. Science fiction again? Currently, there are serious proposals in the European Union advocating such “identifiers“. In the United States, local police monitor vehicles 24/7 through the scanning of their license plates, traveling over bridges, through tunnels, at truck stops, at tollgates, etc. If you are unsure where you were on Wednesday April 6, two years ago, then you can be assured all the information is at hand to inform you.


Does anyone remember the 17 part television series The Prisoner made by the BBC in the UK and aired between 1967 and 1968 with reruns in other years? Patrick McGoohan starred in this series and wrote the script for several of the episodes. Below is a YouTube video of an interview with McGoohan with his thoughts on The Prisoner and another video with the opening theme from the series.

Do you recall the story of how “number 2” the administrator of the mysterious “village” tried to coerce the “prisoner number six” through mind control, hallucinogenic drugs, identity theft and various social experiments in indoctrination, to give up his real name and identity, and to accept his identification number six? The goal was to find out though this type of individual psychological warfare, why number six resigned his government post and which secrets he carried with him.

PRIVATE23 013Who is juggling your proverbial balls?

PRIVATE23 020 Meanwhile, in the United States, House Homeland Security Committee Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Tenn, has recommended Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif. as a replacement for Bulldog Janet Napolitano. Napolitano, miraculously in time, resigned her position as head of DHS under the motto “never let a good crisis go to waste and leave your proverbial fingerprints on current politics“. All of that so “Uncle Tom” John McCain would not have to come up with the same idea.

PRIVATE23 038Turns out that Sanchez, a DHS Committee Member, supported the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a.k.a.(CISPA), a so called “cyber security” Bill that would allow the intelligence community to monitor the metadata of private emails. Interesting no one found the Tschernaiev brothers in Boston.

The reviled Dr. Goebbels Holder is looking for any excuse to  put on a show trial for a  “white Hispanic” man who was acquitted by a jury, in order to appease the current Mau Mau leaders Jackson and Sharpton and their race bating hinter ban MSNBC. All of this so it would not be brought into the limelight, on how African Americans were let down by these self appointed leaders in their community, even the great mind of Colin Powell is now very silent. Leadership uh, say what! Where is The President you ask? On vacation or campaigning for the United Nations take your pick.