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What is in a name? Etcetera! Who has not learned or heard this famous line by Shakespeare the “eternally living poet of the Anglo Saxon world“, even in 2013? A derivative of this goes something like this: What difference does it make what color your money is, and what it is called as long as it is “real money”?

So who is the man in this grainy photo below? Is he perhaps a famous economist from yesterday ready to rear his ugly head again? Is he perhaps the self anointed “high priest” of another era ready to dunk us in the hard facts? Now look closely, at the bite mark on the right side of his neck. Does it not look like a vampire bite?

img021The man pictured above is most likely a self portrait of Germany’s greatest graphic artist and national symbol Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) in a three quarter view as was customary in Northern European painting and portrait representation of that time. So what? What does he have to do with me today?

img020The portrait by Durer was featured on this piece of money, the largest denomination ever issued by a German government up to 1922. In fact, the 10,000 note (similar to a 10,000 dollar note perhaps) was legal tender. It was issued on the 19th of January 1922, shown above, as a promissory note by the German Reichsbank. The Reichsbank in Berlin being the equivalent of the US Federal Reserve. The bank note was superbly printed and about the size of a sheet of letter size paper folded in half. Money should look impressive and this big one was. Protected by numerous watermarks against counterfeiting it, attest to the high standard of printing and engraving of the day. No wonder they put Albrecht Durer’s portrait on it. He was Germany’s best known etcher, engraver, woodblock artist and printing expert from centuries ago.

img023The faint watermark on the right above is barely visible in our un-circulated copy from our own collection. Many of these beautiful examples showed up in the 1920’s and 30’s unused because they were absolutely worthless. Here is the rest of the story. This 10,000 note would buy you as much as 250 pounds of prime meat the day it was issued! By the end of that year, it could at best get you 5 pounds of meat. Or if you prefer “wealth transfer” in the form of inflation. In successive years Germany would issue million mark notes and even billion mark notes which were carried in large suitcases to buy items. This particular banknote was also called the Vampire note by a large segment of the population. It looked like something was sucking the blood out of the neck of the man in the portrait, a popular myth which was a reaction to the enormous payments exacted by the Allies as war reparations after the end of World War I.

Have you ever noticed that on the proverbial green back it is written ” In God We Trust”? With the current world war currency fights, and the economic policies of the Obama regime or lack there off, banking scandals, corporate greed and so on you can bet there will be a future new currency without the words “In God We Trust”. It is easier to screw the population without having that in plain sight. The only faith allowed is in the Federal (never audited) master (race) planners and their stooges in the corrupt and self serving government of today that spies on all their citizens, and in a new color of money, hence here is a reference about the old saying: new brooms swipe clean!

The estimated cost of immigration reform will subvert sovereignty from the American people when you add 10 percent to the population in less than 5 years is somewhere in the trillions of dollars. Who do you think will be paying for this?

Massachusetts will try as a first (under the United Nations Agenda 21) plan to levy a carbon tax (let’s call it a fee though) on the people and businesses in the state. A very sneaky example of an attack by corporate stooges or benefactors, masking as elected longtime Democratic party officials, for the so called fair share common good, is State Senator Mike Barrett and State Representative Tim Conroy. This will bankrupt the “sovereign citizens” by adding an approximate 40 cents per gallon to all fuels used (diesel, heating, propane etc.) or its equivalent, under the guise of lowering other taxes. Do you really think the biggest polluters like China have a “Carbon Tax” imposed on its citizens? That would cause a giant Tiananmen Square all over again with the tanks rolling! Perhaps these lawmakers really would like to cause a real tea party to dump the proverbial tea into the Boston Harbor so they can try out Martial law again in Boston, this time obviously after a peaceful protest by thousand of citizens around the State House saying enough is enough down with the Commies!

Here are two interesting videos worth your time watching. The first video is from the Corbett Report (www.corbettreport.com) with some ideas how alternative monies really work, here in the US and overseas. The second video is an interview with filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch on the nation wide show with show host Sean Hannity about the cost of illegal immigration made legal.