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img063I could not resist the title of this post! To the unsuspected eye this oblong hardcover book with a child like drawing on the front dust jacket poses no threat. In fact, it does so to those who would look to gain a superior insight into man’s mind.

img062It is the only book, I know, written by a psychiatrist in strip or cartoon form. The book was published by Random House Publishers at the height of the last real cultural expansion in 1967.

The author Robert Jay Lifton (1926), a leading psychiatrist (Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at City University of New York) coined the term “psycho historian” as he investigated crimes against humanity throughout his career, as well as, post traumatic stress disorder in Veterans. He won a National Book Award in 1967 for his book Death in Life, Survivors of Hiroshima. Lifton studied how people cope in extreme circumstances like war, terror and genocide, but was at the same time an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and an activist. In 1961, he authored a book on mind control under the title Thought Reform and the Psycology of Totalism where he explains the eight methods used to change people’s minds against their consent. Below is a list of the eight methods:

1. Environmental Control, i.e. The control of information and communication.

2. Manipulation of Experiences, i.e. Where what appear to be spontaneous and sometimes mystical experiences are orchestrated.

3. Confessions, Sins or what are thought of as “sins” by the peer group must be confessed to the personal guide or to the group in public, i.e. self outing.

4. A constant demand for “Pureness”, Members of the group must adhere to the ideology of that group and strive for utter perfection.

5. Sacred Doctrine, The group’s doctrine or ideology are the only and all encompassing truth, the world view of the group is not to be questioned.

6. Changing the Language, The group changes words or language in a new way, that the outside world finds hard to comprehend and thereby reinforces the group’s coherence.

7. Doctrine vs Personal, The doctrine or science used is superior to the member’s experience. If those are contrary to the doctrine, then they must be denied or made to fit the prevailing ideology.

8. The Right of Existence, The group reserves the prerogative to determine who can or must or must not exist.

If after some reflection, you find similar tactics being used by the current occupant of the White House and his Administration, or Congress for that matter,  then it could be true. Current events show us a denial of Benghazi, a denial of the IRS Scandal, NSA spying, the overt monstrous race baiting, and the denial of Love for God, Family and Country. These are the “not to be questioned” Administration’s World Views.

In order to keep this post “family friendly” I added the two red dots above.

Do you think there is a special sofa in the White House being used by our dear leader? Who is his counselor?