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paris bookmarketFor many among us, summer time means being FREE, to some extent, of ones life’s chores. This is an excellent time to READ interesting books tucked away on the shelf. Reading is an individual act of following letters that flow into sentences and reassembles the authors thoughts, skills, dreams and visions all into one. It is, hopefully, followed by the most important thing of all: Our comprehension and recognition of the inter-dependencies of these words, thoughts, meaning and resolution, .i.e. read what you like as long as you READ!

I would like to share with you some BOOKS sitting on my shelf still UNREAD. These books were bought over time, sometimes for reasons now forgotten, or for obscure sentences read when I perused the book, becoming less important over time in my memory when I bought other books. The topics range from HEALTH to HISTORY, POLITICS, and everything in between without the many shades of grey! I will not bother you with a biased opinion as to why I believe one should read a particular book, it defeats the purpose.

img164 img165 img166 img167 img168img169CITIES are the life blood of civilizations. Detroit, Michigan comes to mind. Fifty years of mismanagement by corrupt politicians, and ever increasing demands by the LABOR UNIONS selling pie in the sky to their members, unfortunately forced its demise! I like to believe in MORALS, and in my wishful thinking, I cannot help believe, against all odds, that if the city fathers had read the above book by Mumford, the CITY would not have gone down the drain, perhaps!

One of my very favorite authors who writes about interesting issues in contemporary history is Niall Ferguson, hence

img170 I am coming back on my own words! CONGRESS sees nothing wrong with spying on their fellow citizens and even patriotic (sic) REPUBLICANS caved in, and are not willing to support the ideas by CONGRESSMAN AMASH about the funding of the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY (NSA). You will get what you deserve! In this aristocratically ruled EMPIRE, one can be elected for 40 years to a public office BY EITHER ONE OF THREE OF THE FOLLOWING METHODS:

1. He or she is a superb SNAKE OIL SALESMAN; 2. The voters in that state are genuinely STUPID; 3.”SPECIAL MONEY INTERESTS” keep the lid on their cronies  and BLIP the rest of you!


I wished, I had understood JEAN-PAUL SARTRE’S points better years ago! Besides, I also like the vintage dust jacket on the cover. It could be the obscure “reason” I bought the book.

img175img174How did past world events, seventy years ago, played havoc with a SINGLE INNOCENT SOUL? You could read about this in the book below.

img171 img172No matter how you cut it, the future is made up of building blocks from the past and not much is left of Hadrian’s great wall. Our Southern border is going the same way under this President and all of those elected members who first pass bills before they have read them. (Remember Botox Auntie Nancy P  from SFO and Obamacare) img176 img177 img178 The above book is the first translation into the English language 40 years after it appeared in German in 1963! How many star spangled generals in the Pentagon do you think have read this book? Perhaps, they should have read it before they agreed on starting wars for the benefit of the International Military Industrial Complex or Ideologically small minded Czars appointed or elected. The results are always the same! Remember BENGHAZI, what difference does it make? (A quote from an “absent minded” puffed up inflated Democratic female ego, who did not know her man, part of the Weiner influenced clan. She will PROBABLY be an also run in 2016 with Billie boy playing someone’s sax, no I did not say sex)

img179img180This book is about old stories full of omissions about the father of UNITED STATES SPACE research, Werner von Braun and his criminal past, still fascinating history and with interesting photos.

Should this be too many (3,500) pages to read, then go to this fabulous part one of five interviews with philosopher and educator, JOHN TAYLOR GATTO. Each part is approximately one hour long. The link to the first hour interview is below: