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PRIVATE22 011PRIVATE26 003Certain images can create interesting associations, especially when listening to music. I saw the image posted here (above) with items from around the turn of the twentieth century, and for some reason, which I cannot explain, it reminded me of music written by that great Czech Composer Leos Janacek.

PRIVATE26 015Perhaps, looking at these little age worn notebooks, shown in the picture above, spirited my thoughts. Is it the curious writer puzzled by a missing  notebook? Anyhow, the music of the Czech lands, Bohemia, Moravia, Prague, the forests and the Moldau River, all those ancient crossroads of cultures and Kafkaesk landscapes, the Golem, the woods, can you hear the music coming closer moving through the mist?

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PRIVATE20 014Would she look like the lady emerging from a forest in Janacek’s music? Why not let conductor Gregory Rose tell his Janacek story!

img192However there is more to Janacek. Some of the works for piano that I listen to were recorded by pianist Mikhail Rudy in Paris at the Eglise Notre-Dame du Liban in 1990.

img193Why not let the experts speak in this case:


Is there magic in the air? What a delight to find two excellent music pieces by Janacek on youtube to share with you. Kudos to those who put it out there to share. The first piece is actually performed by Mikhail Rudy. Close your eyes and listen, let your thoughts roam the forest or the city streets, go around those corners and through the courtyards, look at your life through the looking glass of time and lift yourself up in amazement.


The second piece is for orchestra and is a concert of the WDR, the WestDeutscheRundfunk.