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img184 Here is a rare gem of a book The KGB the Eyes of Russia by Harry Rositzke hiding behind a very nice dust jacket done by Rolf Bruderer. The book was published in 1981, it shows that in this small world of ours there is nothing new under the proverbial sun, or is there? Read on!

img187img185img186A short tour of the book reveals this interesting partial page shown below, in which we are enlightened about who “listened” to whom and how. Boy, how we have grown up in 30 odd years. Everyone listens to everybody these days.

img199Here is how real terror works according to the author. Does he offer us a glimpse into a foreseeable future in this land? Read on to understand how 30 years later after the book was published, the how and why of confusion on Capitol Hill works, and how it is shown to the citizens by the  “purveyors of government sanctioned news“, a.k.a. the drive by media.

img200img201Comment: For “party” can we read now or in the very near future the word “Democratic Party”? Has the administration not asked “US” to watch and LOOK OUT recently for “whistle blowers” a.k.a. other Snowdens ? Is it true, perhaps as reported in some true patriot media, that the employees of Agency X now must undergo a polygraph test every so often to be sure they are not leaking Benghazi content or other IRS info? Is there now a White House Behavioral Insight Team with a NUDGE CZAR? Are they “acquiring expertise” by “renting low level professors” in certain sciences bent on bending your mind? You bet there is. Read on!

The book ends on an interesting note, it characterizes actually what can happen with the laissez faire attitudes of many among us.

Start reading at the paragraph “allegiance” below, it shows how weak we have become as a nation-state and the risks it poses to the American way of life.

img198Open borders, Sexy Weiner running for office, amnesty advocated by RINO’s and Diehard Party Loyalists like Schumer and cohort “Clapperite Comrades” are results of gross incompetence!

Yes, they have Putin (ex KGB) in Russia, and we now have Putin Light! Remember this current American President’s comments to Putin! By the way, the recent scandals are now irrelevant and probably fake according to the race baiting Putin Light (Old KGB trick: Divide and Conquer). Lights out please!