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Every generation has their Donovan, Dylan, Lennon or other musician who incorporates part of their generation’s view of the world seen though their own  eyes. We have ours for this generation! His name is JORDAN PAGE.

Leaders come and leaders go. Preachers preach and churches or Holy Sites are burned down in spite of the message, or at times because of the message. Repression and suppression cloud the vision of those who watch history before their very own eyes.

Your village has become my village, or so we are led to believe by the many lackeys and lawmakers who feast on ignorance, ideology and race. They sit at your proverbial table every day chipping away at that hard earned Liberty and Privacy handed to all of us by previous generations of thoughtful men and women for the greater good of all. Yet there are those who “see” and refuse to stand idly by when dreams go up in smoke and raise a voice. JORDAN PAGE IS ONE OF THEM!

You can find out more on JORDAN PAGE by going to his website: jordanpagemusic.com