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img241 Our music interests go from rock to classical and somethings in between. Here is a rock resource most of you, I must assume, have never seen. Shown above is the dust jacket (by Roger Hane), and below the hardcover of the book.

img238The book, published in 1969, was written by an absolute expert on music –  Arnold Shaw.

img242The index of the book shows what appears to be a rather simplistic approach to Rock, but, bear in mind, the book was written in the sixties, and things were less complicated back then.

img239Of interest, is also a small glossary on rock terms, shown below is a sample part where you can test your knowledge.

img240and for good measure at least one photograph from the book


Great music survives and may Bob Dylan live forever! Want to see the best record covers of all times? Buy this book with the simple title shown below, compiled from the great record collection of Michael Ochs and a fabulous resource.