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img244Today late in the afternoon, I was writing a post on photography, and to my great surprise I found out via the radio it was National Dog Day! I made a mad rush to my bookcase in search of The Dog Observed.

Editor Ruth Silverman has succeeded in putting together a real overview of the “best” dog photographs ever made, but then again this book was published back in 1984 by Alfred Knopf. Silverman was the Associate Curator at the International Center for Photography in New York City for five years. Hence, only the back cover shown below.

img245The photograph above is by Toni Frissell for Vogue magazine, May 15,1942. Don’t ask me what kind of dog it is. My suspicion is – GREAT DANE. The book has 165 pages in hardcover with 119 superb dog photographs. Some of the photographers in this book range from Lartique, Kertesz, Avedon to William Wegman in our time. Yes, in case you did not know it Wegman’s dog was named Man Ray.

This book honors man’s best friend, the DOG. Not the post I started to write, but its a DOG’S DAY!