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Above is one of the major photography auction sale’s catalog, a major resource for the collector.

The hardbound catalog Christie’s sale in 1989 was the start of a rise in the number of photography collectors, and a rise in prices as well. The sale was properly titled 150 Years of Photography and with 684 lots also one of the largest sales event to finish the 1980’s. The bibliography, still worth reading for those on the lookout for the elusive book, and an index of photographers are par for the course.

img251There are many obscure facts scholarly represented in this catalog. For example, reading the comments on the above photograph of the painter Piet Mondrian, I learned about the famous French photographer Andre Kertesz (1894-1985) who made this portrait in 1926 (shown actual size in the catalog), and his earliest works were made as vintage carte-postale prints, i.e. postcard size! This vertical postcard size work was only done in 1926 and the early part of 1927.

img255img256img257They were not kidding about the quality of the photographers and their work. Look at the impressive index of the cream of the world’s photographers above.