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gentlemansviewpointWhile Lucifer’s White House is still banging the drums of WAR with the malicious intent of a delusional tribal leader cunningly assailing his flock to kowtow, one of the world’s oldest democratically elected Parliaments has not forsaken their overseas cousins and voted NO against WAR.

img269Thank you good old Mr. Churchill! Thank you Mrs.Thatcher for teaching your citizens well! Thank you Citizens with common sense who dare to stand against the usurpation of Power for the sake of power! The Mothers of America thank you! Those in the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE were not man enough to give up their vacations in order to debate and restore meaning to those very same words.img270 You, the Representatives from the Land of the Magna Charta have shown the people of the World that when decisions of war and peace are left to crony corporate powers and their serpent servants, some who currently reside in the House of the American People, the United States Congress, from whom the people expect LEADERSHIP, those “Abysmal leaders” deserve nothing more than the utmost Shame.


(Illustrations in this post are from a record album cover titled We Were Happy There with the cover design done by Roland Piper.)