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On the brink of the American Labor Day Holiday, something big looms on the horizon! Is the White House changing their tune on Syria or not?

Most citizens in this day will not be able to discern “propaganda” from “facts” no matter where it comes from. In a war situation and those with military experience will recognize this. They know war has three major components.

The first component is open military fighting. The second component is the “covert” action game. The third component is “propaganda” fought through the media.

In the old days, propaganda would include books, magazines, radio and TV. These days, it includes the internet with Facebook and Twitter. I would like to take you back to the days of old, the 1970’s and show you some “print propaganda” from the Soviet Side. The magazine shown here is “SOVIET LIFE”, modeled after serious US major magazines like “LIFE”. The photography is quite good, the lay out though not at par with the best of American print media certainly is sufficient. The articles are often interesting, especially 30 years later.

The magazine offers a wide variety of articles from politics and science to reporting on cultural events. Remember, we were still at the height of the COLD WAR and Eastern Europe was occupied by Soviet forces. Both sides were fighting proxy wars elsewhere. The magazine was published through a reciprocal arrangement with the United States Government which allowed the US to distribute its magazine “AMERICA” in the Soviet Union. Any obscenities written on a page in handwriting, are not ours but of some college student who probably got sick and tired of reading this in a University course. I recently purchased a stack of these magazines and randomly selected some to give you a feel for how subtle “propaganda” really is.